"I like to combine the realism of the painting and traditional photography with the codes of street art. My inspiration comes from painters and photographers of all times and styles. I like to intertwine iconic characters or objects with hypermodern graffiti style, bringing back history through the angle of a contemporary prism. We are constantly reminded of famous – or not so famous – men and women of our past: scholars, stars, tyrants, politicians, artists, painters, writers ... but also of iconic objects, great art works and other symbols of our consumer society still present in the collective memory. I have developed my unique technique by using photographs of my models and setting them in a contemporary context where each word becomes meaningful.”

"Nos icones continuent de vieillir avec nous ». Ces icones ont une histoire et une image quoi que l’on fasse. Elles restent présentes dans notre vie et notre quotidien. Comment interagissent-elles encore de nos jours sur notre analyse, notre pensée, nos valeurs, nos comportements, etc. …. Comment vivent-elles aujourd’hui avec nous. Que pourraient-elles penser de notre société, de nos moeurs, de nos actions, … et comment nous les intégrons dans notre quotidien ".

Sainte Fauste

L'artiste au travail

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